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[Text adventure. Ran out of time and had to punt. Uploaded an unfinished PDF.  The next morning I uploaded a functional but still rough twine adventure. If you decide to vote keep in mind the twine story was put up after the deadline.]

A sequel to last years critical sensation Dept. of New Business takes place one year after the events of "The Luchadeer Incident" and examines the story of Giant Bomb's newest hire Abby Russell.

Does Abby have what it takes to make it in the cutthroat world of Giant Bomb? And if so then at what price? Why is there a Nancy Drew Quick Look in this?

"Neo noir, cyberpunk, and lazerwave could all be terms used to describe this game because I'm not entirely sure what those terms mean." - Paul Graham

Giant Bomb had the say about last years game:

"Check this out!" - Ben Pack

"I can't read" - Abby Russell

NO COMMENT - Jan Ochoa

[Warning: There is some gruesome text in this. I didn't have time to get artful with the descriptions of the fictional gore.]


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